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Is your Ford’s sunroof causing problems for you? Stop Worrying and contact us to avail our power sunroof repair services. Our highly-skilled experts are able to treat any kind of sunroof damage from permanent looking leaky panels to the untidy broken seals. In our operations, we will check all the things including the water trough, wiring and other components that can have an impact on your vehicle’s sunroof.

We as a team follow a specific approach and the most essential part of it is recognizing the problems with your Ford sunroof. We start our operations only when we are clear about the defects. This is the reason why we are able to treat the defects in the first go. We are always open to questions from our customers if any either at the start of the repair process or in between it.

Our knowledgeable panel is determined to help the clients to find a perfect answer to all their service related queries. The thing that sets us apart from our competition is our goal of customer satisfaction. So, if you are someone who is searching for professional sunroof repairing services in Houston, Texas then we can do the trick for you. We are an old name in the field of sunroof repairing with more than 36 years of experience in the field. The only effort we require from your side is to contact us and leave the rest on our team.


We have dealt with many customers in the past with a similar problem. The 2010 F-150 with an OEM sunroof has a common issue of a broken actuator arm. After seeing too many issues in the past, we are somewhat certain that Ford F150 / F250 / F350 / F450 / expedition Sunroofs have some real repair issues.

The track system of the sunroof uses plastic which does not last for a long time. So, if you have also encountered such problems in your sunroof then you are not the only one.


There are various instances when the moonroofs of the Ford Expedition sunroof trucks have failed. We have met many F-150 owners with a common issue. The problem is related to the opening and closing of the window. When the users push the button to open the moonroof the track breaks with a pop sound. This means that now they will not be able to close it.

Obviously, you do not want yourself in a position when your sunroof is broken and it’s raining hard outside. Also, you do not want to be a victim of any adverse weather conditions.

As an owner of the F-150, you may also notice some kind of leaking from the back-side of the roof liner. The water can cause the moonroof to start breaking. Also if the water reaches the interior of your F-150 it can cause some serious damage. This problem with the F-150 is a design defect than an issue due to lack of maintenance.


Before we jump on to the solution, you have to bear in mind that most of the Ford expedition sunroof vehicles are no longer under the warranty. This is the reason that you have to pay more money while repairing the moonroof of your Ford vehicle.

While repairing the sunroof, you should find a dealer who is experienced and knows the solutions to the problems. There is a possibility that you may find dealers who would like to replace more than just the track system. Yo as a non-technical person cannot say that he is doing it rightly or just increasing the tasks to make more money.

So, the solution to the problems is to find a dealer who fixes the required issues for you and not the unnecessary ones.


We at the Ford Sunroof Repair have successfully repaired around 8763 Ford F150 / F250 / F350 / F450 / Expedition Sunroofs until today. We can repair all kinds of sunroofs and moonroofs for you including cars, SUVs, and trucks of all make and model. You can find all kinds of moonroofs and sunroofs from our stock by simply calling us on (281) 661-8182. You can also request a free price quote on the same number as mentioned above.

Here are the services that we can provide you:

  • Auto sunroof repairing.
  • Sunroof gasket repairing.
  • Any kind of sunroof leak repair.
  • Power sunroof installation.
  • Repairing auto moonroofs.
  • Installing auto moonroofs.
  • Repairing auto moonroof leaks.

The aim of our services is to provide you quick sunroof and moonroof repair solutions at lesser charges than other Ford dealers. “Quicker Cheaper and Faster” is something that describes our services in the best way.

After doing research, I came across a common problem of people who were getting leaks in their sunroof on ford vehicles. I contacted Ford and was told I was out of warranty and it would cost near $2000.00 to fix.

When I got it the sunroof repaired, it was cheap plastic pieces that broke, causing it not to shut properly.There are no replacement parts for this and I was forced to buy a whole new moon roof replacement for $1700.00 and it takes the ford dealer nearly 10 days to repair with nearly $287.33 for just diagnostic fee . These two plastic pieces guide the sunroof( while in motion) into the locked position. when these plastic pieces break it will not fully seal causing leaks. take it to Ford Sunroof Repair Garage … faster & cheaper and no just diagnostic fee ever.



If you are looking for best repairing services at affordable rates, you can trust us as we GUARATEE IT!

Hiring our services will provide you the following perks:

  • Big savings on the Ford Sunroof repairing.
  • A free upfront price quote.
  • Long term-relationship. You can avail professional assistance even after your car is out of our garage.
  • Sunroof repairing services from the industry experts.

A common thing with all the above-mentioned perks is that we GUARANTEE them!


The sunshine of the Houston is world-famous and there is no better way to enjoy it with a perfect sunroof. From the last 36 years, we are working to make your sunroofs work flawlessly. Our highly-skilled experts have helped so many people in Houston to enjoy the cool breeze and perfect sunlight. We can treat any kind of sunroof for you. We do not require any reasons from you about why the sunroof has stopped working. The only thing we need is to leave it on us. The reason for our confidence is our expert staff of technicians that is able to resolve any of your problems.

Get your Ford’s Roof Repaired Rapidly 

Have you got a broken or cracked sunroof? There are chances that you won’t go for the repair services either you don’t have time for this or you don’t want to spend money on it. Well, just like a broken lock, a broken sunroof is no less than inviting thieves as it offers them an easy access to your vehicle. So, there is no meaning to put this off at any cost. And yes, if you are remaining behind for not having the time or for not wanting to spend money on it, Ford Sunroof Repair is the best option in both the cases. When you get it repaired from us, there won’t be any waste of time as we handover your vehicle back to you the very same day. And if money is the concern, we charge 50% less as compared to other repairing stations in Houston.


There are not many people in the world who can say that their sunroof is safe all the time. No matter how much care you take, it is always prone to damage. The damaging of the sunroof parts are not only caused by the over usage. They can also be caused by the under usage, as the parts may rust up.

As an owner, it is very important for you to understand that the mechanics of the sunroofs are such that they may get broken down after some time. But if you live in Houston then you do not need to worry as we are there to solve all your problems. We assure you to solve your broken sunroof at affordable prices.


We have always believed that as an owner you should be well-aware of the working of your Ford’s sunroof, the material and other things. That is why we have tried to provide you some guidance over the sunroofs.

Sunroofs, also known as the moonroofs are mounted on the roof of your Ford vehicle with the purpose of letting the fresh air inside it. Different vehicles use different mechanism to open the sunroof. It can be manual or automatic depending on the vehicle. A sunroof can be transparent or opaque. It can also have a screen to block the light. The designing of the sunroof depends on the design of the vehicle.

At Ford Sunroof Repair Houston we can replace and repair the shuttered sunroof glass of your Ford for all the models and makes. In addition to this, we carry more than 20,000 sunroofs which include an original installed sunroof or the aftermarket type. However when it is damaged, it is really important to get the sunroof glass repaired or replaced in time. It offers the highest possible standards in order to preserve the aesthetic performance of the roof together with the structural integrity of your Ford. We are highly trained in the niche and have a perfect team of specialists to carry on the repairs and the replacements of sunroofs with our workmanship until the time you own your vehicle.


For someone willing to install a sunroof in his/her vehicle, there are some common things that come into the mind. Actually, an aftermarket install is very easy to recognize. This is because it is difficult to install aftermarket sunroofs and mistakes are quite common. To install an aftermarket sunroof we have to do a hole in the roof. But our experts do these tasks with perfection and satisfaction. We as the leaders in the field provide you new-like vehicle after the repair and replacement work.


As the owner of your vehicle it is crucial to know the specifications of your car. You should know what type of sunroof is installed in your vehicle. This will let you install exactly the same sunroof when it gets broken.

Spoiler Sunroof 

This type of sunroof is the perfect combination of the sliding and the pop-up sunroof. The tilting up action in this opens the sunroof and then slide it back on track together with the roof which is totally dependent on the making of the vehicle. In this, the glass panel will either self-store above the roof or just below it, or between the liner and the roof properly.

Panoramic Sunroof 

This is a multi-pane sunroof system that slides and tilts further than a spoiler sunroof. As this type has multiple panes that make one unit when closed, all of them retract upon the slider track and also stack in opposite direction to one another when opened. This is designed to both rear and front cabin of the passenger cabin.

Pop-Up Sunroof

The panel of glass that tilt upwards on a hinge, where the tilting action offers the ventilation, can be electric or manual and is basically removable.

Top Mount

The roofs that are sliding are stored together with the tracks just above the roof which lie outside the vehicle. The benefit of this type of sunroof is this that there is an extra headroom inside the car in this case.

Solar Sunroof

Opaque sunroof glass equipped with the photovoltaic solar panel cells empowers the inner ventilation from the stored solar electricity saves power in the vehicle’s battery.

So the question comes if Ford Sunroof can repair your vehicle’s Sunroof?

Well, we understand how incredibly inconvenient it is to have a broken windshield. A broken window on the top of your car let in the snow, rain, dust and a lot of precipitation which may ruin the interior of your vehicle. Driving down the highway with the broken sunroof can be actually unsafe and distracting. You just need to park in your Ford in Ford Sunroof Repair and get it done!

Factory Sunroof Vs Aftermarket Sunroofs

So, are you stuck to be clear with both factory and aftermarket sunroof? Here it is the factory sunroof also popular as OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer sunroofs which is installed in the vehicle during the vehicle production and before it is delivered anywhere else to the new dealership. And if we talk about an aftermarket sunroof, it is the one which is installed in a vehicle anytime once the vehicle is produced. The aftermarket sunroofs are often installed by the restyling companies dealing directly with the car dealership.