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If you think your Ford’s sunroof is causing you some fuss, just take benefit of our power sunroof repair service. From inoperable to the leaky panels to broken and the dirty seals, we are really occupied with the perfect tools to service your sunroof the right way.We will check the wiring, the water trough, and many other components which may contribute to the sunroof efficiency.After recognizing the problem with your Ford’s sunroof, we will not mind going to your power sunroof so that we can see it works correctly again.And if you think you have any questions before proceeding with the repair processes or when we are working feel free to ask.

We have a knowledgeable panel helping its clients to have a perfect answer to their query and get the right type of service for their Ford.Are you striving for a professional Ford sunroof repair company in Houston that can repair your Ford’s sunroof fast at the reasonable price?Well, you are fortunate to have landed the right place for that! At Ford Sunroof Repair we provide repair services throughout the keys at Houston. We have an experienced team that strives to make your auto sunroof repair process as simple as possible. In fact Ford Sunroof Repair has been in the business of repairing the sunroofs for more than 36 years which make it a perfect place to park in your vehicle.Just park in your Ford in our garage and it is our word that you will get an unconditional guarantee on all your sunroof repairs within no time.


We have a 2010 F-150 with an OEM sunroof. It looks like the plastic end of the actuator arms broke. We are being too familiar with someone Ford F150 / F250 / F350 / F450 / Expedition Sunroof Repair Issue !

It’s becoming obvious now that some  Ford F150 / F250 / F350 / F450 / Expedition Sunroof  with moonroofs are having problems with the tracks in the system breaking. The track system uses plastic, and the plastic doesn’t last. If you’re having this issue, you’re definitely not alone.


After only a few years or a few uses, the moonroof on some  Ford F150 / F250 / F350 / F450 / Expedition Sunroof  trucks will fail. All of the F-150 owners with this issue say the same thing —they push the button to open the window, there’s a pop as the window opens,and then it won’t close since the track broke when it opened.

Having a moonroof stuck in the open position while it’s raining is obviously a pretty big deal.It’s also not good if the weather isn’t a perfect temperature outside — no one wants to freeze or burn up while driving.

Owners may even notice leaking from the back of the roof liner, initially a sign the the moonroof track is beginning to break.This can turn into a real problem because water can cause serious damage to the interior of the F-150. This issue is more of a design flaw than something that happens because of neglect or lack of maintenance.It also has nothing to do with exposure to the elements.


Most vehicles are no longer under warrantyDealers often want to replace more than just the track system, which may or may not be necessary.


At Ford Sunroof Repair we successfully repair and replace nearly 8763 Ford F150 / F250 / F350 / F450 / Expedition Sunroof . We repair all sunroofs and moonroofs on all cars, SUVs and trucks’ makes and models.We have the sunroof and moonroof for your car in stock right now. Simply call us at (281) 661-8182 for a free price quote.

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  • We repair sunroof gaskets
  • We repair sunroof leaks
  • We do power sunroof installation
  • We repair auto moonroofs
  • We install power moonroofs
  • We repair auto moonroofs leaks
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  • Repair damaged, broken, cracked or non working car sunroof and moonroof at a fraction of what ford Dealers charge.

We pass this savings on to you. That is why we can afford to charge less than your Dealers quicker cheaper faster is the real keyword at Ford Sunroof Repair.Call us today at (281) 661-8182 and experience the difference.

Service Guarantee at Ford Sunroof REplacement

  • Do you look for best services at lowered prices? You won’t get it anywhere else – We guarantee!
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No matter which model of Ford you are driving, we have experience in customizing your moonroof as well as sunroof at an affordable range. In addition to this, we take care of all the leakages, damages and the gasket issues taking place in your Ford’s roof.


We guarantee that your vehicle will be taken care of without any delay, once you have parked it here in our place.

Ford Sunroof Repair 

There is nothing as pleasant as a sunroof to enjoy the Houston sunshine, so it can be a big disappointment when it stops functioning. We have been in the profession of making your sunroof work exclusively for more than 36 years. The professionals at Ford Sunroof have helped tons of people in Houston to enjoy the fresh breeze and pleasant sunlight of Houston. Be it any kind of Ford sunroof repairs we have it all for you. You need not ponder over the reason why it has stopped working; all you need is leave it to us. We will look into your Ford and hand over the perfect vehicle to drive in. We say this with such a confidence because we have highly experienced technicians who strive to have your Ford’s problems resolved as soon as possible.

Get your Ford’s Roof Repaired Rapidly 

Have you got a broken or cracked sunroof? There are chances that you won’t go for the repair services either you don’t have time for this or you don’t want to spend money on it. Well, just like a broken lock, a broken sunroof is no less than inviting thieves as it offers them an easy access to your vehicle. So, there is no meaning to put this off at any cost. And yes, if you are remaining behind for not having the time or for not wanting to spend money on it, Ford Sunroof Repair is the best option in both the cases. When you get it repaired from us, there won’t be any waste of time as we handover your vehicle back to you the very same day. And if money is the concern, we charge 50% less as compared to other repairing stations in Houston.

How do Sunroofs get damaged? 

It can be really annoying to see your sunroof broken even when you have done very good care of it. There are chances that internal parts would have broken for over usage, but it can also break down because of the under usage as the parts may rust up. You should know that even when the best care is taken, sunroofs can break down as the mechanics are not something that promises to last forever. When you actually have a broken sunroof in your hands, just count on Ford Sunroof Repair to be there for you. We assure you that we will fix the broken sunroof within no time and that too in your pocket-friendly budget.

So here’s a guide to your Sunroof glass 

Because we make it a point that you should be well aware of the working and material of your sunroof, we assure to give you the required guidance about it. So here we go with an overview of the Ford sunroof glass.

Sunroofs also popular as moonroofs, are located on the roof of your Ford Car and are designed to let the sunshine and fresh air inside your dearest vehicle. There is a mechanism which is brought in use to open the sunroof which is either opened, operable, has the sunroof vents so that the sunroof can retract and slide onto the roof or just down the interior headliner. Sunroofs can be in fact transparent, opaque or can feature a screen to block the light from passenger’s cabin. Sunroofs and moonroofs are an electrical and manual but all are not movable. The mechanism and operation that actually move the sunroof are what differentiate between different models.

At Ford Sunroof Repair Houston we can replace and repair the shuttered sunroof glass of your Ford for all the models and makes. In addition to this, we carry more than 20,000 sunroofs which include an original installed sunroof or the aftermarket type. However when it is damaged, it is really important to get the sunroof glass repaired or replaced in time. It offers the highest possible standards in order to preserve the aesthetic performance of the roof together with the structural integrity of your Ford. We are highly trained in the niche and have a perfect team of specialists to carry on the repairs and the replacements of sunroofs with our workmanship until the time you own your vehicle.

Let’s Contrast between the Sunroof and the Aftermarket Sunroof

This is something very common you have in your mind when it comes to making the decision about sunroof installation of your vehicle.

Recognizing the factory over an aftermarket is really simple. We have specialists who will typically identify the factory installs while making use of our in-house database. There is no doubt in stating that it is a bit complex to make out the aftermarket installs because of the variety available, but for our technicians it is the best job challenge they perform with all the satisfaction.

Aftermarket sunroofs are actually installed once the manufacturing of your vehicle has taken place which definitely needs a technician to cut a hole in the roof of your Ford.

Make out what type of sunroof have you got?

Just like any other auto glass in your Ford car, it is important to know what type of moonroof is installed in the vehicle so that when it breaks or is damaged, the exact parts are re-installed and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Spoiler Sunroof 

This type of sunroof is the perfect combination of the sliding and the pop-up sunroof. The tilting up action in this opens the sunroof and then slide it back on track together with the roof which is totally dependent on the making of the vehicle. In this, the glass panel will either self-store above the roof or just below it, or between the liner and the roof properly.

Panoramic Sunroof 

This is a multi-pane sunroof system that slides and tilts further than a spoiler sunroof. As this type has multiple panes that make one unit when closed, all of them retract upon the slider track and also stack in opposite direction to one another when opened. This is designed to both rear and front cabin of the passenger cabin.

Pop-Up Sunroof

The panel of glass that tilt upwards on a hinge, where the tilting action offers the ventilation, can be electric or manual and is basically removable.

Top Mount

The roofs that are sliding are stored together with the tracks just above the roof which lie outside the vehicle. The benefit of this type of sunroof is this that there is an extra headroom inside the car in this case.

Solar Sunroof

Opaque sunroof glass equipped with the photovoltaic solar panel cells empowers the inner ventilation from the stored solar electricity saves power in the vehicle’s battery.

So the question comes if Ford Sunroof can repair your vehicle’s Sunroof?

Well, we understand how incredibly inconvenient it is to have a broken windshield. A broken window on the top of your car let in the snow, rain, dust and a lot of precipitation which may ruin the interior of your vehicle. Driving down the highway with the broken sunroof can be actually unsafe and distracting. You just need to park in your Ford in Ford Sunroof Repair and get it done!

Factory Sunroof Vs Aftermarket Sunroofs

So, are you stuck to be clear with both factory and aftermarket sunroof? Here it is the factory sunroof also popular as OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer sunroofs which is installed in the vehicle during the vehicle production and before it is delivered anywhere else to the new dealership. And if we talk about an aftermarket sunroof, it is the one which is installed in a vehicle anytime once the vehicle is produced. The aftermarket sunroofs are often installed by the restyling companies dealing directly with the car dealership.