Who we are

Ford Sunroof Repair is an automotive service center for repairing and installing your sunroof glass for more than 36 years. So far, we have treated our customer’s vehicles as if those are really ours. No matter from which corner of Houston you are, if you have a damaged or cracked sunroof to be repaired we are here to offer the quick assistance.

We offer our customers the luxury of getting their Ford sunroof repaired within no time.

 When our customers visit us, they stay assured about their vehicle and its repair. The technicians around Ford Sunroof repair are knowledgeable professionals having experience in working on several makes and models of Ford cars. For sunroof repairs done at the first time, our consumers can really trust on our certified technicians for all kind of sunroof repairs. Here at Ford Sunroof we also perform the routine maintenance services of your Ford sunroof. So just visit us at our location and get your Ford Car repaired without any delay.


Pay a Glance at the Basics behind Ford Sunroof Services at Ford Sunroof Repair 

The sunroof of your vehicle is basically a horizontal panel made from a glass placed on the vehicle’s roof. Mainly the sunroofs offer personal enjoyment, they let the fresh air and direct sunlight in the traveler’s cabin. And beyond all this, there is no match for the thrill of experiencing an open sky when you are driving. Since side windows and power sunroofs in Ford offer almost similar kind of functionality, power sunroofs in the ends are somewhat more complex than normal side windows.

While windows rely on a strict vertical motion, the power sunroofs mostly need to move both vertically as well as horizontally. And when these are electronically powered as in Ford cars, drivers always need to hold or press a button in order to open or close them. There are many power sunroofs that are operated with the key turn or the press of the button on the key fob. Power sunroofs can actually become incapable or may leak over time. In such difficult hours, it is suggested that drivers can park in their ford in our garage for guaranteed repair of the vehicle.

Why is Ford Sunroof Repair best for Repairing the Power Sunroof?

If you think your Ford’s sunroof is causing you some fuss, just take benefit of our power sunroof repair service. From inoperable to the leaky panels to broken and the dirty seals, we are really occupied with the perfect tools to service your sunroof the right way. We will check the wiring, the water trough, and many other components which may contribute to the sunroof efficiency. After recognizing the problem with your Ford’s sunroof, we will not mind going to your power sunroof so that we can see it works correctly again. And if you think you have any questions before proceeding with the repair processes or when we are working, feel free to ask. We have a knowledgeable panel helping its clients to have a perfect answer to their query and get the right type of service for their Ford.

We have a knowledgeable panel helping our clients to have a perfect answer to their query and get the right type of service for their Ford.